Travelling with your little one can be lots of fun and the making of many great memories. But the key to a happy holiday is: be prepared. Whether you’re flying long-haul, short haul or just taking a road trip, here are some tips to ensure your break is hassle-free and enjoyable for all.

1. Before you go, make lists of what you need to buy and pack for baby and you. It will help limit stress, keep you organised, and ensure you don’t forget anything.

2. When packing baby’s bag, use packing cells or compartments to sort items into sections so you don’t have to dig through piles of clothes to find what you need if you’re in a hotel, on a plane or in a car and need something in a rush.

3. Pack an easily portable nappy change wallet or toiletry bag with wipes, nappies, change mat, nappy rash cream and moisturiser so you don’t have to take a bulky bag with you to a tiny airplane, train or roadside bathroom. Curash Fragrance Free Travel Wipes are mini sized so will fit perfectly & nappy rash spray.

4. To save space, pack nappies in vacuum bags. Genius! Ensure you have enough if you can’t buy some immediately at your destination.

5. When it comes to clothes for bub, think layers – air-conditioned planes and airports can get unexpectedly chilly and you might be travelling to a different climate. Make sure you have plenty of onesies and sets of everything in case of accidents. Remember extra nappy sacks for wet or dirty clothes.

6. Don’t forget extra clothes for yourself! If you’re going on a plane, pack a spare set of clothes for yourself in hand luggage in case you get vomited on or a little person spills their drink on you. Pack an extra pack of wipes for yourself, too.

7. Snacks, snacks and more snacks! An insulated bag with an ice pack to keep snacks cold is useful (check with the airport regulations if they’ll allow this while flying – a frozen yoghurt pouch or popper can also work). Pack a variety of nutritious snacks that will limit mess – bananas, blueberries, fruit puree – whatever suits the stage of feeding your baby is up to. The usual restriction that apply to taking liquids on flights does not usually apply to baby food. Always allow for unexpected delays, traffic jams etc – you don’t want to run out of snacks! Pack bibs and extra wipes in the lunch bag for messy hands and faces.

8. Take comforting toys from home. Don’t forget teddy, a favourite blanket, favourite books… whatever your little one finds comfort in. But also pack some new things that will surprise and keep them entertained. If they’re old enough, you can even wrap little toys or trinkets up individually and give them mini ‘presents’ that they can take time to unwrap.

9. Pack travel-size antibacterial gel and wipes for wiping down surfaces or toilets before using them to limit the change of picking up germs.

10. Try to relax! While it’s helpful to plan an itinerary that won’t disrupt your baby’s routine too much, in reality, it’s going to be difficult to stick to the exact same schedule you have at home. If they’re not sleeping, try not to stress too much and just go with the flow. Most people are sympathetic and helpful to people travelling with small children – don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.